Apply to work collaboratively or get paid to model

Who we choose for collaborations

The photography team are always looking for new models to work with and choosing a small group for paid work too.

Depending on what the team are looking to shoot collaboratively, we will select different models.

The best models are those that come with a creative mind, a wilingness to learn and a passion for creating great images.

Portfolio Shoot styles

Updating portfolios may require models to shoot some or all of the below styles.

Please click each style for an example.

All ages:

Fashion, Beauty, Hair Modelling, Parts modelling (eg hands for jewellery), Fitness, streetwear, lingerie, bridal, lifestyle

Over 18's only:

Implied, Fashion/art nude, body painting.

What happens next

Fill in the form below. Include a link to your instagram account if you have one.

Then email (at least one) headshot and a full length shot (no insta or snapchat filters on the pics please) to

You'll hear back from one of the team within 48 hours.

Using Format